Try These 5 Crafts With Your Grandkids on Mother’s Day

Seniors who love their grandkids can spend holidays like Mother’s Day together. You can make the holiday extra special for your loved one by taking him or her to their grandkids. Seniors can craft some loving gifts with their grandkids on Mother’s Day. Here are a few ideas for simple crafts that your loved one can make with their grandkids.

1. Baking
Baking is an excellent activity for seniors to do with their grandkids. Seniors can make a favorite baked good or teach their grandkids a special family recipe. Your loved one may look online or in a cookbook for baking something he or she has never tried before. Seniors may make something sweet to create a special gift with their grandkids. Seniors may decorate cupcakes or sugar cookies and pack them in a box to give it a little extra style. Seniors may buy plain containers and color and decorate it with their grandkids.

2. Make a Picture Frame
Seniors love pictures of their kids and grandkids. Your loved one can take a photo of their grandkids and put it in a frame as a welcome gift. Seniors can help their grandchildren to decorate a picture frame or style a new picture. Seniors may dress up in their Sunday best or wear their favorite casual clothes for a picture. Use a smartphone or camera to take pictures of your grandkids at the park or playing with toys. Seniors may hire a photographer to get their picture taken. Select a picture frame and help your loved one and grandkids to decorate it. In this way, seniors may spend a beautiful and memorable time on Mother’s Day.

3. Draw Homemade Cards
To make Mother’s Day wonderful your loved one can make cards with his or her grandkids. Seniors can make beautiful decorations to place it in the house. Cards are easy to store as they don’t take up much space. It can be perfect for your loved one to save little mementos of their grandkids over the years. There are many types of cards seniors can make with their grandkids. Thumbprint cards, handprint cards, or cupcake liner cards are a few suggestions.

4. Make a Flower Bouquet
Seniors can make an attractive flower bouquet. Making a flower bouquet needs pipe cleaners, glue, flower pots, and sand. It may be easier for seniors to make flowers at home. The process of making daffodils is easy.
• Take a clean pipe cleaner and bend it in half.
• Open it up and crisscross them over one another.
• Twist the middle so they held together.
• Take each end one at a time and roll it towards the center in a tight spiral.
• Hook a green pipe cleaner through the middle of the flower and twist to make a stem.
• Next, take another pipe cleaner and coil it around your finger.
• After it’s in a spiral, glue one end to the yellow petals.
• Repeat the whole process for as many flowers as your loved one like to make.

5. Play a Game
Seniors can make a board game with their grandkids. Your loved one can try recreating the favorite games of their grandkids. To make a checkerboard use simple things like poster board or fabric. Your grandchildren can pick a favorite book or book series to base the game on. These are fun activities for both seniors and their grandkids to do on Mother’s Day.

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